This is the Ef Zin insight on Realness that you practice and experience in the program “How to Explore the Real You“. 

Overwhelmed by images, labels, stereotypes, choices regarding our profession, our romance, our hobbies, our pets or even our fashion sense, we frequently find ourselves lost in the tangle of our lives. We lose sense of what is real and meaningful. We lose touch with what is real in us; our true selves.

Reality is real –  your responsibilities are real, your relationships, your job, your feelings and so much more are indeed real. The question you should ask yourself is not whether your everyday life is real but whether the reality you have created represents the real you.  It is important to define the meaning of the things that make up your life – their significance to you and your personal growth and wellbeing. Are they part of the real you?

Within the Ef Zin perspective, being real means being true to your character and true nature. Free from the formalities and superficialities that prevent you from discovering your true self – your honest opinions and feelings, your true thoughts and beliefs, your true aspirations. Classical philosophers expressed this realness in the concept of simplicity. This concept of simplicity as realness is preserved within Greek contemporary culture – being tightly connected to a sense of freedom to act spontaneously and honestly, true to your character, yourself.

Realness as truth is the magic ingredient.

Being real is the result of a self-discovery process that provides you with the wisdom to pay attention to the things that make your experience of living real; the qualities that give it color, taste and texture. The wisdom you gain by discovering truths about yourself, examining your life, and paying attention to the qualities that give it meaning and purpose. It is a wisdom that comes from training the mind to pay attention to the essence of things, to inquire truth, and to examine the quality and significance of your feelings, actions and choices. It provides the clarity in spirit to pursue those things that matter to who you are by peeling off the labels, images and stereotypes that prevent you from finding your true self and happiness. Guiding you in creating a life that fulfills you because it truly reflects you.

So realness is relative to you – when you are true in respect to your real qualities, so will the choices you make and the reality you create for yourself. In defining your reality and the role you play in it, you discover the process through which you assign meaning to your feelings, your choices, your behaviors and those of others. If you explore the manner through which you interpret and construct meaning you come closer to discovering who you really are and what is truly meaningful to you – meaningful and real in representing your true nature.

Don’t overlook your true nature, don’t waste time adopting ready made personality types that mask the real you and hinder your chances of true self-discovery. Don’t take for granted what you already have – think! Explore, recognize and cultivate your true qualities because they form the foundation of your potentialities and the means through which you may achieve personal growth and peace of mind.

“Greatness of spirit is accompanied by simplicity and sincerity.” Aristotle

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