What Does It Mean To Be The Real You?

Life is a continuous process of trying to discover and cultivate our true selves. Through our professions, friends, partners and interests we try to become ourselves. But who is the person you are becoming? Who is the person you are communicating to others? Is it the real you? What does it mean to be real? How do you practice realness? 

These are all questions we want to explore through your ideas, opinions and personal stories. You’ll find playful quizzes, conversational surveys as well as submission prompts. At the end of every month, we’ll bring everything together and share with you the results; the conclusions drawn from your collective insights. 

Connect & Converse

what does it mean to be the real you?

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how well do you know the real you?


Share your wisdom

It is through personal experiences that we gain practical wisdom; that we learn and draw meaning from life. We want to collect and share your personal experiences and perspectives. Submit a response to the following prompts!

1. Have you ever sacrificed your realness to gain something else?

2. Have you ever lost something in an effort to maintain your realness?

What is your favourite Memory of when you were your most real self?

Share your stories in the comments below!

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